Study: Smoking pot four times a week can shrink the brain

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DALLAS, Texas – Researchers at the University of Texas Brain Health Center in Dallas and some colleagues in New Mexico say they’ve cut through all the smoke to determine that smoking dope more than four times a week might not be good for you.

They’ve published their findings in a paper, not suitable for rolling, of course.

They say chronic pot smokers have less gray matter in the orbital frontal cortex.

That’s the part of the brain that the handles reward, motivation, decision making, and addictive behavior, like smoking weed all the time.

They, also, found that the smaller amount of gray matter allows for faster transfer of information along the brain’s super-highway of white matter that connects both halves of the brain.

Here’s something else they found: the earlier a person starts smoking pot, the worse the condition of the brain. But they admit they don’t know if smoking pot leads to a smaller brain, or if a smaller brain leads to smoking pot.

To be blunt, the researchers say they can’t tell for sure if getting high all the time will make you the dumbest person in the joint, but they discovered that the chronic dopers in their study had I.Q.s about five points lower than those who didn’t get high as often.

Of course, they probably didn’t care.

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