Thanks to Veterans for answering the call

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Grego thanks Veterans for the service they have given to America.

"At a function Saturday night, current and former members of the military were asked to stand to be recognized.  Looking around at the men and women, I could see the pride. Faces that showed perhaps memories requiring a stiff upper lip, and the pain (literally) as one man stood wearing an oxygen mask with a tank by his side.  I noticed two Marines that stood close to one another (and they were old); stood proudly at attention with their fists balled and placed at their sides just so. To you who've served our country honorably, your choice to sacrifice for our country takes a very special kind of American.  What you have accomplished should make you proud!  Yes, the country supports you. Of course, you know some of that winds up being lip service, but when you are deployed and come face-to-face with life and death and fear,  it's you, who faces it head on and joins the fight, while risking your life.  The slogans say it all: Army strong, the few the proud the Marines, Navy- a global force for good, Air Force- aim high. and the United States Coast Guard- born ready. To you we owe much and today as we celebrate you on Veterans Day- a sincere thank you for answering the call."

Cutout Photo: U.S. Military / Adrian R. Rowan / MGN

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