Third grade HISD teacher may need lesson in tolerance

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HOUSTON, Texas -- The classroom is where kids are supposed to learn the basics for leading a successful life. So, how does racism play into said life lessons?

Well, it doesn't. That's why concerned parents and community activist Quanell X showed up at Ray Daily Elementary School, in West Houston.

The group was demanding that HISD teacher, Angela Box, be removed from the district's faculty permanently after she made some 'colorful comments' about President Obama, the people who voted for him, and referred to the Muslim community as "bacon haters" on a political talk-show. We're not talking "Meet The Press," but the local political show on YouTube called, "Tommy's Garage."

We won't quote Box's most offensive comments but her strong opinions have people questioning if she should be teaching their kids.

Quannel X says, in part, "This is a third grade teacher who has the responsibility and the duty to educate young minds...She's in a classroom with every race of children. How can any parent here trust that whatever she sends home about that child is truthful when you have a teacher with such bigotry and such hateful beliefs?"

There's no room for intolerance in the classroom, but Box does have the right to say what she wants outside of her nine to five job.

HISD said, in part, "We respect the first amendment and the rights of employees and community members, and will continue to monitor the situation."

That being said, anyone who fosters such ignorant opinions, probably shouldn't be molding the minds of the next generation.

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  • Daily elementary parent

    Come stand outside this school when walking parents are picking up their children and the behavior of the “bacon hating” parents is absolutely disgusting. It would be 100% evident why she or anyone would make this comment. I would prefer her to teach my child than many other teachers.

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