Father Stabbed In Front of Little Girl on S Post Oak

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There's nothing convenient about what happened at a convenience store on South Post Oak, Friday night.

Cops say 25-year old Brandon Andrews drove to the gas station with his dad and his little girl.

While Brandon's father was inside the convenience store witnesses say his girlfriend, Sharon Denise Andrews showed up and the two started arguing.

That's when, witnesses say, Sharon repeatedly stabbed Brandon in the chest.

After being stabbed, Brandon got back in his car with his father and daughter and tried driving himself to the hospital. He didn't get far. He crashed just a few yards away and died.

The only silver lining? Brandon's dad and daughter were not hurt in the crash.

Sharon Andrews didn't stick around either. Witnesses say she ran off after hopping out of an older model, gold Buick sedan. Now cops are trying to find the Buick, the driver, and Sharon for questioning in regards to the murder.

No word on what the argument was about, but there's no question it wasn't worth taking a life.

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