Money trees yield Houston $300,000

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HOUSTON- The City of Houston is $300,000 richer thanks to 6 trees off Kirby and North Blvd. in Southwest Houston.

“We determined they had been illegally removed and worked with the City Attorney’s office to work toward this settlement” says Joe Turner, Director of the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.

Technically, they’re Live Oaks but they turned into “money trees” when Haza Foods, the owner of this Wendy’s under renovation, went “Paul Bunyan” on them.

Unfortunately for Wendy and her boss, the trees belong to City of Houston. “We consider those trees no different than the City building. You have damaged a City building or you’ve damaged City trees. They belong to all of us. They’re not one person’s trees, they belong to the City” explains Turner.

The $300,000 will be used to replace the ones chopped down.

The moral of this story: call 3-1-1 before you chop to make sure you’re not “barking up the wrong tree.”

If you see a City tree being cut down, call 832-395-7100 and the City will send a Park Ranger to investigate.

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