Books save FSU student from a striking bullet

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HOUSTON, Texas -- At least one miracle came out of the Florida State University shooting. One student, Jason Derfuss, fled the library during the attack, only to discover, once he got home, that his backpack had been hit. The books he checked out of the library saved his life.

"Two of the books that I checked out had a bullet hole in them," according to Jason Derfuss.

So, that got us wondering,was it luck, or are books bullet proof? The folks at Full Armor Firearms helped us test the theory.

"The type of ammo they use could mean the penetration or not. A hollow point is designed to go in and stop pretty quickly...Where a full metal jacket we use for practice, a lot cheaper ammo, that`s going to penetrate more and go deeper in," explained James Hillin of Full Armor Firearms.

We started with a 9mm solid brass round. It went straight through three hard cover books. The books weren`t much of a match for 9mm hollow points either.

Then we tried a 45 slug, fired at a thick manual and a hardcover book behind it.

"As you can see, the 45 did not penetrate all the way through. It`s a bigger bullet and travels slower. The 9mm actually did penetrate as you can see this one, through all three books." said Hillin

We hope that history won't repeat itself, but it`s good to know that reading can sometimes save your life.

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