Getting a slice of the holidays

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HOUSTON, Texas --  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you know what that means: it's time to take a moment and explain a few Houston traditions to folks new to town.

First, regardless which holiday it is, in Houston it's always about food.

Second, you may cook your own turkey, but you buy your pie.

Welcome to the Flying Saucer Pie Company.

"We're 47-years-old and all we sell is pies," owner Bill Leeson told us when we stopped by.

The place on Crosstimbers has been up and running since 1967. Back then Bill was working in hotel bakeries and decided to branch out and open his own shop. Forty-seven years later, it's become a tradition for Houstonians from all over to put away their baking sheets and and get their holiday pies here.

"Holidays, usually 20 pies," customer Jimmy Roy told us, "but I come by here during the week some and get 10, 15 probably."

"You know, everybody has their traditions in their house on Thanksgiving," Leeson adds. "My customers have grown up with their tradition being Flying Saucer pies."

Chew on This: between now and Thanksgiving the little shop will turn out more than 20,000 pies. Every one made by hand.

"We just try and do everything homemade," Bill says, "we don't own a freezer."

In fact, during the holidays the crew will start working at 7pm the night before, just to turn out the next day's pies. And if you want one for your table this Thanksgiving, you'll have to get an early start, too. With too many customers to count, Bill doesn't take phone orders, so you'll just have to come down and pick them up yourself.

Hey, didn't we say it was old-fashioned?

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