Houston executives sleep out in support of homeless youth

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HOUSTON, Texas - They say you'll never understand what others go through until you walk a mile in their shoes and the same is true when it comes to homeless youth.

More than 55 Houston executivess left the comfort of their homes and slept on the hard, cold ground outside of Covenant House Texas. This was done to support homeless youth across Houston.

"We're doing this for the kids, we wanna raise awareness of the homeless situation in Houston and we also wanna raise money," said Kurt Nondorf, Chair Elect of Board of Directors for Covenant House Texas.

The numbers are overwhelming.

More than 2,400 young people in Houston and Harris county are homeless and on average, there are two million homeless kids in the U.S. every year.

"Nobody wants to be homeless. and I think when it comes to our young folks, we have to get more involved," said Rhonda G. Robinson, executive director/CEO of Covenant House.

One thing's for sure, more helping hands would certainly make the load a whole lot easier to carry.

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