Protests for 43 missing students in Mexico turns violent

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MEXICO CITY, Mexico - By now, you've heard about the 43 college students who went missing in Mexico back in September.

Well, the turmoil continues.

Thousands of protesters filled the streets in hopes of finding out what happened to the students.

What started out as a peaceful demonstration ended with clashes between protestors and police and groups of protesters even threw rocks and Molotov cocktails.

The 43 students, who were mostly young men in their 20's,  were taking classes so they could become teachers.

On September 26, all of them were taken to a "protest" in Iguala in buses and vans.

Sadly, they haven't been seen since.

Authorities say a gang  with alleged ties to Iguala's mayor Jose Luis Abarca  burned the bodies and threw them in the river.

The families of the missing students aren't buying that story, though.

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