City of Buffalo prepares for major flooding after blizzard

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BUFFALO, NY - Houston's about to get hammered with some pretty serious storms, but we can't hold a shovel to what Buffalo, New York is facing.

The heavy snow they've gotten this week could leave them in a bigger mess when it all melts.  Flooding.

"We're starting to stockpile equipment to handle potential flooding operations.  That will include 425 pumps and generators, 55 boats are being brought in as we speak," governor Andrew Cuomo said in a press conference on Friday.

While they're bringing in the boats, some folks have already been shipped out of town.  The Buffalo Bills.

Any given Sunday?  Not this weekend.  The snow changed their game plan.  They had to travel to Detroit for Monday's game against the Jets.

The storm that left the city blanketed in snow has claimed the life of at least 13-people so far.

Thankfully firefighters were able to save one elderly woman from her home before her roof buckled under the pressure.

The weight of the snow is a serious concern for officials.

Being inside doesn't mean residents are out of harm's way.  Some houses have nearly 50-thousand pounds of snow weighing down on top of them.

Now, officials and firefighters are crossing their T's and dotting their I's to make sure the snow and ice are the only things having a melt-down in the city.