DEA investigating Houston K2 connection

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HOUSTON, Texas – The dangerous street drug, K2 is rearing its ugly head in the Lone Star state, and police think Houston could be the source. The Drug Enforcement Agency is tracking down leads that dealers in Houston are spreading the synthetic marijuana that carries extreme side effects.

The investigation started in Austin on Monday, after 18 people overdosed in just three hours. Tuesday, more people were hospitalized with seizures caused by the drug. On Wednesday, three more people overdosed.

Wednesday night, police raided a smoke shop in southeast Austin and arrested the owner, Keith Nunley. He had more than 30 packets of K2, plus heroin, bath salts and thousands of dollars in cash. Another K2 dealer, arrested in Austin, told police that he was paid by someone in Houston to bring the drug north.

Now the D.E.A. is setting their sights on Houston for the source of this K2 crimewave.