Study finds hand dryers spread bacteria

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LEEDS, England - Paper towel dispenser or hand dryer?

Many people believe the jet dryer is more sanitary, but a new study is blowing that theory right out the window.

According to Professor Mark Wilcox of the University of Leeds, getting blown is a filthy, filthy habit.

Researchers tested this by contaminating hands with a harmless bacteria called Lactobacillus, which is not normally found in public toilets.

After getting blown dry, researchers collected air samples around the hand dryers, and also a few feet away.

What they found may gross you out.

The level of bacteria was 27 times higher than the air around paper towel dispensers.

The bacteria also lingered around for at least 15 minutes after hand drying.

Professor Wilcox warns that using those nifty jet dryers can not only spread your germs, but can splatter other people's on you too!

Of course, the people over at Dyson, the company that makes jet hand dryers, say the research is nothing but hot air, commissioned by the paper towel industry and therefore, is flawed.

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