Citizens rundown man after hit and run accident in Arizona

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GLENDALE, Arizona – It happened one night in Glendale, Arizona, when superheroes came out of the dark to nab a barefooted bad boy.

It all began with five cars, just sitting there minding their own business outside a popular pizzeria when a black SUV crashed into them ruining their evening. The driver didn’t want to stick around, so he kicked off his shoes and high-tailed it out there.

But the barefoot bumper wasn’t going to get away easily. A by-stander took off in hot pursuit, almost getting run over.

It wasn’t long before the chase was over as the citizen super-heroes nabbed the hot-footing hombre.

It was a night of mangled metal that some folks in Arizona won’t soon forget. And as for the runaway driver, he’s a convict that will soon be known in the joint as the barefoot bad guy that didn’t get away.