Denver pot shop offering Black Friday specials

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DENVER, Colorado – It’s nearly that time again: Black Friday, when people are filled with the holiday spirit. When the joys of giving are outweighed by the joys of getting trampled for that great deal.

Well, some stores in Denver have an alternative to the holiday shopping madness.

The Grass Station is one of them.

These folks are offering Black Friday Doorbuster Deals guaranteed to bring out the high ho-ho-ho, like wax concentrate for 20 bucks a gram, and shatter concentrate for 25 bucks a gram.

If you don’t know the difference between wax and shatter, you might want to try a different toking gift.

And what grandmother wouldn’t love to fire up a sampler pack on Christmas morning?

The Grass Station has a limited supply of dollar joints.

Marijuana flowers will go for five bucks a gram, which is perfect for your gram.

If you really want to create a buzz around the tree, then you can score some flower for 50 bucks an ounce, which usually goes for $250 or more.

And, of course, your grandma will end up wanting a little something sweet to eat, which is why the store will have an unlimited supply of $2, single-serving edibles.

But these gifts are not for kids, and shouldn’t be left out where kids can get them.

That’s the message behind a Denver billboard campaign, to remind everyone that a cookie is just a cookie to a kid.

And those visions of sugar plum fairies should come naturally, not from your pantry stash.