Ferguson fallout around the country

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FERGUSON, Missouri -- As another night passes following the decision in Ferguson, the reaction rolls on.

"We object publically and privately this process is broken," said Benjamin Crump, the Brown's family attorney.

So around the nation, the new process is protest.

On the streets in Missouri, 2200 national guard are deployed, tripling the number already there.

"The guards rapid response teams will be positioned so they are ready to act at a moments notice if challenges arise," said Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.
In St. Louis, protestors blocked streets briefly closing down the interstate.

Thirty seven states have rallies planned. In Cleveland, protestors rallied to get rid of what they call killer cops. In Chicago, activists at City Hall dramatically recreated racial killings. In New York, Times Square has become protest square.

President Obama, speaking for the second straight night, says violence and law-breaking is not the answer.