Danish lawmakers debating ban on circumcision

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Lawmakers in Denmark are debating whether to ban circumcision. A recent study conducted by a Danish newspaper found that nearly 75 percent of people there believe the practice should be limited or banned. Last year, the Council of Europe, an international advisory board, adopted a resolution opposing all kinds of ritual circumcision, saying it casts a "moral stain" and fosters racist trends.

Some urologists say the operation has its up-sides, including lowering the rate of H.I.V. infection and eliminating the chance for penile cancer. In the U.S., where circumcision rates have traditionally been much higher, the practice has been trending downwards in recent years. Around 60 percent of men in the U.S. have had the procedure.

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  • Jarred Kohler

    You should have mentioned that in the US, we also have one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the industrialized world despite the fact that most of the men have been circumcised for several generations. Circ is really just a social/religious trend that doctors mainly in the US have tried to reinforce largely because MONEY; And of course the politicians don’t want to touch it also because MONEY, as well as for fear of becoming deeply unpopular for rocking the social norm boat and/or upsetting Jewish and Muslim populations (voters). However, in recent years the circ rate has been dropping in the US almost exclusively in areas where insurance has dropped coverage of the practice due to the fact that it is an unnecessary surgery with questionable health benefits. As such, the drop in circ rates at least in the US would seem to have more to do with people not wanting to pay out of pocket (freaking MONEY) for an unnecessary surgery when we already have so many other expenses to worry about.

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