Houston elementary school releases list of top toy-requests for the holidays

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HOUSTON, Texas - Forget about the prices of oil and gas, or the ups and downs of NASDAQ.  These holidays, smart people only care about toys.   Fifth-grade students at Longfellow Elementary put a press conference together and called the media to bring us the list of the hottest toys in the market.   And speaking of hot, guess who's ruling the winter.  Frozen, of course!

Like pros of market research, the young pollsters surveyed every grade from pre-K and up for this report.  Kids said the goal was to stick to items that cost under $20 dollars.   And they got to ask the tough questions: do you want a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or just money?  What do you prefer: a Barbie or a Hello Kitty Doll?  And that's how they got their data.

Here are the most popular holiday requests of 2014.

The top ten list for girls includes:

  • 10. Play-doh
  • 9. Nail-sets
  • 8. Money
  • 7. Fashion Angels
  • 6. Hello Kitty dolls
  • 5. Monster High dolls
  • 4. Disney dolls, especially Frozen
  • 3. CDs
  • 2. Movies
  • 1. Jewelry

And the top toys for boys are:

  • 10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • 9. Clothes
  • 8. Pokemon
  • 7. Lego
  • 6. Sports stuff
  • 5. Gift cards
  • 4. Minecraft
  • 3. Nerf-guns
  • 2. Money
  • 1. Movies

So, no excuses: now you know what to give your kids for Christmas.