Houston youth help the homeless for Thanksgiving

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HOUSTON, Texas - A roof, warm food at the table and a family are things that many of us may take for granted. They are nothing but a dream for thousands of homeless folks living in the streets of Houston and across the United States.  However, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to be thankful for the blessing that make our lives special, and to help others.

"I've created a non-profit organization called TheraGood Deeds," said Sheldon Theragood, a police officer working with the HPD Homeless Outreach Team.   "We work with the youth, trying to make a difference and encourage them to do positive things in their lives."

TheraGood Deeds teaches young people to do good deeds, and empowers them to make an impact in their communities.

"Every time I get a chance I try to organize an event where I can get all the youth, to show them that there's a lot of negative things going, but we can stop by any day and do positive things in life and impact other people," said the officer.

Theragood and his group of inspired youth came to Loaves and Fishes, downtown, to do their part.  They distributed fruit, clothing and items of first necessity to the men and women who come to this charity year round.

"We're bringing food, socks and other donations," said Jasmine Theragood, Sheldon's sister.  "Anything that might help out these homeless people."

People who care and bring hope to those in need.  That's what Thanksgiving is all about.