New airport systems make holiday travel easier

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HOUSTON, Texas - Today's the day. If you're heading out of town for Thanksgiving, then you'd better get a move on. It's the busiest travel day of the year and a nor'easter bearing down on the east coast is threatening to derail your plans. More than 1000 flights have been canceled across the country.

Good thing we're in Houston. The travel board here is all clear. For now.

"So far we have not seen a significant impact here," says Bill Begley with the Houston Airport System. "I'm sure that there are other airports that might say differently. We saw one cancellation early this morning, but it doesn't seem like we're having significant delays, doesn't seem like we're having significant issues with the weather on the east coast."

One thing that's playing an important role is Houston's new 'NextGen' arrival system. The addition of two new entry points into Houston's airspace and GPS guidance from cruise level all the way to the ground are cutting delays and making things smoother for folks headed to the bayou city.

"The plane left on time and we got here early," traveler Carolyn Carrier told us at Bush Intercontinental this morning. "I was supposed to have a 58 minite flight and it was more like 35 or 40."

Of course, the real secret to holiday travel: stay home and make them come to you. Cooking and cleaning is way easier than packing and traveling. Just sayin'.