New Jersey college student attacked and killed by black bear

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APSHAWA PRESERVE, New Jersey - It was a hiking trip full of nature, friends and photographs; and just like that, the picture perfect day turned tragic.

Now, it's the first deadly bear attack on record in New Jersey.

It all went down in the Apshawa Preserve, about 45 miles northwest of New York.

Darsh Patel, 22, a Rutgers University student, was hiking with four buddies when a black bear started following them.

The friends dashed in different directions and that's when things went dead wrong.

Police say Patel snapped several pictures of the bear on his cell phone, before he was mauled to death.

The remaining four friends found each other and called police to report Patel missing.

Hours later, his body was found along with his cell phone that had puncture marks from the bear.

Police confirmed Patel died from being attacked, and just like that the 300-pound black bear was put down.

A heartbreaking reminder that nature's creatures, intriguing as they are, can be very dangerous, even deadly.