Three Oklahoma teenagers say they were raped by the same boy

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NORMAN, Oklahoma – Another school and another case of administrators not protecting victims of rape and assault.

This time at Oklahoma’s Norman High School where three girls said they were raped by the same male student. One of the girls says she was later bullied by her attacker.

The protesters say the school district has failed to protect victims of sexual assault and bullying, and they want that to change.

"We share the same conviction that sexual assault and bullying has no place on a school campus anywhere in our society,” said district spokesperson Shelly Hickman.

Half way across the country, administrators at the University of Virginia are just now learning the lesson that rape, assault, and bullying have no place on a school campus.

The recent edition of Rolling Stone graphically details the culture of rape and sexual assault on campus, centering on the story of “Jackie”, gang raped her freshman year at a fraternity party.

Adding insult to injury was the apparent lack of follow-up by the dean of students when she finally got around to reporting the attack.

The university’s governing board and president met with students and the university community, with the rector apologizing to “Jackie.”

“I am appalled, simply appalled at the info that has come forward. Again, we will not tolerate this type of behavior,” said George Keith Martin.

Apologies are easy, but it will take more than apologies and protests to change a culture that goes back through generations.