Turkey is not on the menu for Thanksgiving anymore

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HOUSTON, Texas - It’s the age-old tradition of turkey for Thanksgiving. Right?

One Houstonian tells us what she's going to be making. "I'm going to be making stuffed bell peppers with shrimp in it and dirty rice."

Another person said, "I'm thinking of some gumbo or something different."

Well, others have the same idea. Vegan lovers can feast on this. This year Seattle Mayor Ed Murray actually pardoned a Tofurky.

If money is tight, then try the new hot dog turkey.

But, why change tradition? Turkey has been here since Plymouth Rock. And that perfect green bean casserole has been on the table since 1955, thanks to Campbell’s.

Whatever you eat, do it right. Just be thankful and most importantly, enjoy.

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  • Don

    Well, that statement “Turkey is not on the menu for Thanksgiving any more” rates right up there with Obama’s “America is no longer a Christian nation.” Dumb, Dumber, and Dumberer.

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