New study suggests men make better navigators because of sex

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Hold on to your gender biases, a battle of the sexes is about to erupt! A provocative new study might have just confirmed what many guys already believe, that men make better navigators. Remember folks, it's not us saying this, it's science. Weird Science!

Let's face it, most guys always "think" they know where they're going. But why? According to research conducted at the University of Utah, it male sex drive that makes them better with directions. The study suggests early man might have evolved greater navigation skills in order to find, you guess it, women!

Since no time machine can take us back to study caveman behavior, modern-day researchers looked at primitive African tribes. They found tribe males had developed better "spatial" skills (or a mental picture of their surroundings) than tribe females. This sharpened sense of direction came in handy when looking for sex far from camp. If you're going to go "all the way", you have to be sure you know how to get back home afterwards. This might be the first time a study discovered the possible driving force behind male navigation, but not everybody is reaching the same conclusion. Ask many women, and they feel they are the superior navigators.

Early man might have developed better direction in order to "get some", but modern man knows the best way to find a woman is to just agree with her. You're right ladies, you are better.

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