Pope Francis talking turkey in Turkey

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ANKARA, TURKEY – Pope Francis is looking for some special turkey day deals this weekend, only he’s in Turkey to get them.

The pope arrived for a three-day visit, and high on his agenda are concerns about the future of Christians in the Middle East, and particularly Christian refugees from Syria, now in turkey because ISIS militants want to kill them.

Although Turkey does not have a state religion, most of its population is Muslim. And that’s one of the reasons he visited the tomb of the founder of the modern Turkish state as part of his appeal for tolerance and dialogue to counter extremism in the middle east.

Later, standing next to Turkey’s president, the pope called on people of all faiths to show respect for human life, dignity, and religious freedom.

"Inter-religious and intercultural dialogue can make an important contribution to attaining this urgent goal so there will be an end to forms of fundamentalism and terrorism, which demean the dignity of every person and his religion," he said.

The pope will also visit Patriarch Bartholomew, the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, hoping to ease discrimination against Turkey’s Christians.

A lot of papal Turkey stuffing this weekend.

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