Man arrested after threatening cops with banana

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado -- We've all heard some pretty crazy stories about arrests. What you're about to read is literally, bananas.

Nathen Channing, 27. was arrested in Mesa County, Colorado on two counts of felony menacing after threatening police with a loaded banana.

Reports say Channing was walking down the street when local cops approached him and he pulled a banana out of his pocket and pointed it right at the officers. Orange you glad we didn't say a handgun?

One of the officers was about to shoot when the other noticed Channing was only packing a potassium loaded piece of fruit, and told him to hold his fire.

When asked to explain himself, Channing told police it was "just a joke" and he thought it would "lighten the holiday spirit."

Apparently, police didn't find his little stunt appealing and arrested him. If he's convicted, Channing faces a hefty fine and up to three years in prison.