“Zombie Response Team” van seen around H-Town

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HOUSTON, TX - Halloween is long over, but don’t tell that to Junior Altuz.  You may have seen his “Zombie Response Team” van driving around Houston. The Ford Econoline, covered in blood, guts and zombie casualties, was originally decorated for Halloween.

Altuz says, “It was mainly my daughter’s idea, but my wife was like, ‘you put so much effort into it, why don’t you leave it on a little longer?’”

So now it’s his daily driver, but he also uses it to help his community.

“We started adding more and more to it, and before you know it we started doing fundraisers,” he says.

“Junior Da Hunter” has its own Facebook page now and he takes the beast to different charity events around town.

His next event is Periwinkle’s 20th Annual Cycle For Life in March.  Taking a passion for art and using it to help your fellow man is a contagion worth spreading.

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