Abbott meets with Obama after filing lawsuit against president’s executive order

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WASHINGTON, DC – Texas governor-elect Greg Abbott is among seven governors-elect spending the day at the White House with President Obama and other top administration officials.

The White House says the administration wants to find out from the new governors how Washington can help them promote jobs and economic opportunity for middle-class Americans.

And, there’s a good chance someone might bring up immigration, and, yeah, that someone just might be Abbott.

He’ll be the only one in the group from a state suing the president over an executive order that would stop deportation of up to 5 million undocumented immigrants with children born in the USA.

But now there are some questions about whether that executive order even exists.

He was supposed to have signed the executive order in Las Vegas, before he spoke at Del Sol High School. That was on November 21.

But the White House online briefing room does not show that order; the last executive order coming on Oc. 17.

Even the National Archives doesn’t have a copy.

The Federal Register has a copy of a November 21 memorandum to create a task force “to develop a coordinated federal strategy to better integrate new Americans into communities and support state and local efforts to do the same.”

Maybe there is an executive order and maybe there isn’t. But at this point, it’s starting to look like an undocumented order.

And wouldn’t that be ironic?

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