Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office employee fired for Facebook rant about Ferguson

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MATAGORDA COUNTY, Texas - It doesn't matter who you are or where you live. Everyone's got something to say about the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson.

Your Facebook and Twitter feeds have probably been flooded with sad, angry and perhaps even racist rants about the case. Be careful, because, rants like that can get you fired!

That's exactly what happened to an employee at the Matagorda County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Frank Osborne gave someone the boot, after a complaint was filed about a hateful, derogatory comment that was posted on Facebook.

It happened on November 25, right after the Grand Jury decision announcement.

Part of the expletive-filled rant says:

'Please find a brick wall and do society a favor and bang your head into repeatedly.'

'You three [expletive] are a disgrace to society, your race, your jobs, your country, the whole bit.'

Some pretty ugly stuff, so after an internal investigation, the Sheriff's Office concluded, 'That the comments were not threatening or racially motivated.'

But, the post 'did violate the department's policies and core objectives.'

So, the employee was terminated, effective December 4.

Case closed, right? Not according to community activist Quanell X. He's going to be in Bay City on Friday night leading a demonstration, because apparently, one firing is not enough.

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