Rookie cop mistake? Another grand jury will decide

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NEW YORK, New York - Another innocent black man shot to death by a police officer was laid to rest in Brooklyn Friday night.

Akai Gurley was just 28 years old when he was shot by a rookie cop in a dark stairwell of a public housing complex in East New York last month.

Police say two NYPD officers were patrolling the building as part of a violence reduction program, when officer Peter Liang shot Gurley in the chest.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says the officers gun went off accidentally in the stairwell, which didn't have functioning lights.

The New York Post reports the officer was violating protocol by keeping his finger on the trigger.

A terrible accident, if that's really the case; because this next part just doesn't sound right.

The New York Daily News reports that officer Liang and his partner took the time to text their union representative before calling for help over their radios.

Meanwhile, Gurley laid in a housing project stairwell and died.

Now, the Brooklyn district attorney's office announced that a grand jury will investigate the fatal shooting.

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