The Chocolate Bar makes things sweeter in Houston

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HOUSTON, TX - If there's anything that makes the holidays great, it's got to be the sweets. Cakes, candy and pounds of ooey-gooey chocolate. And if you're one of those who likes to stuff the holiday stockings with a little something sweet, there's a place here in Houston that's right up your alley.

Welcome to The Chocolate Bar.

Chocolate"We're busy constantly because we're making the Christmas stuff, plus we're keeping up with the stock," Kitchen Manager martha Ramirez said when we stopped by the place on Alabama. For Christmastime candy lovers it's quintessential place to feel like a kid in a candy store.

"People just love to come here buy gifts or just for their meals, or whatever," Ramirez says, "but we start, like, two weeks into November for the Christmas things."

Customer Elise Jackson was doing a little Christmas shopping when we found her inside the store. "My parents live 2,000 miles away and they don't have a Chocolate Bar, so we're here to get them chocolate from the Chocolate Bar for Christmas."

Chocolate2And this time of year the chocolate flows through this place like a fountain. Chew on This: each Chocolate Bar location will go through 2,000 lbs. of chocolate per week. Quite a feat considering that everything in the store is made on site by hand.

And if it tastes like mama's home made, there's a reason.

"One of my sons is a manager/owner here, so he hired me," Ramirez laughs. "I work for him."

Of course, you could do convenience-store candy if you wanted, but trust us, they'll know the difference.

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