Will Orion’s flawless mission brings new jobs to Houston?

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida -  A flawless test mission for the Orion spacecraft gives a new energy to folks who made it happen.

"A new era for NASA, for sure...I would love to sit in one of these seats. This is our new vehicle, the Orion and this is what will take us to Mars, and we`re very excited here at NASA to be exploring again and going back out in deep space," explained NASA astronaut Doug Wheelok.

Hours after Orion splashed down in the Pacific, 275 miles west of Baja, California, Clear Lake residents are already forecasting the possibilities the program may bring.

"If we focus, we get the law makers to really fast forward some of this, I think we can see some jobs come back and businesses come back that we`ve lost," said Tony Doran.

Jessica Watson said, "I think that there will be more jobs for the community and a lot more people rehired at NASA because I know it was a big letdown."

Though this was an unmanned test flight, its huge success is, to say the least, uplifting.

"This is huge for our team, it`s a chance to really dream again. We can now see rockets launching and a vehicle that we can survive in, and a vehicle that we can fly to a new planet," said Wheelock.

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