50 computers donated to Thompson Elementary School children

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HOUSTON, Tx. - Having a personal computer doesn't seem like a big deal, but it can make a huge difference and not everyone is so fortunate. Comp-U-Dopt is trying to fill that technology gap.

For 7 years this charitable organization has partnered with companies, getting 5,000 computers in the hands of motivated kids in underserved communities.

Saturday morning, 50 refurbished computers were donated by Southwestern Energy and given to some very excited students at Thompson Elementary.

David Dellosso with Southwestern Energy says “This is something special. These kids get to leave here with their own personal computer. They get to take it home, the one that they learn on.”

Corporate computers generally have a life cycle of 2 to 3 years. 90% those computers end up getting thrown away.

John Osha, founder of Comp-U-Dopt, explains “Comp-U-Dopt” exists to put these two concepts together. To keep those usable computers out of a landfill and to put them in the hands of children that could really use them.”

The computers are wiped clean, and then Comp-U-Dopt loads software like educational games, word processing programs, and internet capability, giving these kids an edge on academic success.

Students and parents go through an education session to make sure they understand how to use this new tech.   And with these kids catching on quickly, Santa better be prepared for a few more emails in his inbox this year.