Florida college hires strippers to recruit students

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MIAMI, Florida - When it comes to selecting a college, what matters most to you? Is it price, location or 'extra curricular' activities?

What would motivate you to get A's? How about some T&A?

A college in Florida is accused of hiring strippers to dress provocatively and pose as admissions workers in order to lure more students.

That's according to a lawsuit filed against FastTrain College in Miami.

The for-profit school has been accused of fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars in federal money.

Former owner, Alejandro Amor, is facing charges of conspiracy and theft of government money.

According to the lawsuit, Amor's scheme involved using hot babes, and a promise of a 'free education,' to entice eager young male students.

Once the students were hooked, they were coached to falsify records to qualify for federal student loans.

By making sure the students attended at least five sessions and backdating applications, Amor could keep the money rolling in.

Between 2009 and 2012, FastTrain received more than $35 million in Pell Grants and other federal financial aid, most of it going to support Amor's lavish lifestyle, which included a $2 million beach-front home and a yacht.

Meanwhile, as many as 160 former FastTrain students are drowning in student loan debt.

That's a lot of cash that could have gone to lap dances!