Protesters list demands in response to Eric Garner’s death

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NEW YORK, NY - Protests continue into the weekend in the wake of the police chokehold death of Eric Garner.

Cold and rainy weather may have decreased the man power Friday night, but that didn't stop people from speaking out.

Protesters made a list of demands of what they want to happen in response to Garner's death.

The list was passed out to media, making requests like, all officers involved in the Garner case should be fired, a special prosecutor should investigate complaints of excessive force, and the State Legislature should make chokeholds punishable.

They're not just pounding the pavement anymore, they're planning on pounding on Congress' door.

Founder and president of the National Action Network, Rev. Al Sharpton says, they're "headed down Pennsylvania Avenue, to call for new laws in the Congress.  That's what it's about!"

After all the marching, a list of demands may be the first step in the right direction.