Chlorine caused “furry scurry”

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ROSEMONT, Illinois- It was “furry scurry” at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont, Illinois, northwest of Chicago.

We'll tell you about that in a second but first you need to know a Fur Fest is where many attendees (called “Furries”) dress up in animal costumes to celebrate their favorite fictional furry character. “Furries” socialize, shake their tail feathers, and play cards among other things.

Ok, back to the Hyatt “furry scurry.”

A noxious odor on the ninth floor interrupted the Midwest Fur Fest and prompted the entire hotel to be evacuated. “We have a lot of costumers out here with big fluffy costumes which will keep people warm” explains Fur Fest Fan, Samuel Conway.

Nineteen people were treated for nausea and dizziness. Said one victim, “I was throwing up. I don’t remember the last 5 or 6 hours. I was throwing up until this morning I’m still dazed from the whole situation.” Hey, not even a furball can do that. Powdered chlorine can and that’s what the fire department found in a stairwell.

Authorities say the G-A-S was left intentionally but have no idea if the big bad wolf, three bears and their pals were the target.

One bystander put it this way, “People started realizing, ok this is definitely not a normal situation.” Guess that depends on what your version of “normal” is.

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  • Dante Duran

    I’m glad Newsfix did a little more professionally than other stations that poked fun at the fandom while the lot of us in the fandom were worried sick about our friends that were there.

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