Family left corpse in house for six months hoping for resurrection

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HAMILTON, Canada - When Peter Wald, 52,  passed away in his Hamilton, Canada home, his family never called anyone.

Instead, they prayed that he'd come back to life.

According to the Hamilton Spectator, his wife, Kaling, pleaded guilty to failing to notify police or the coroner that her husband had died due to sickness.

“We were trusting God…we thought, ‘Okay Lord, you know better,” Kaling said.

According to the Spectator, when neighbors asked about her husband, Kaling would tell them he was “in God’s hands now.”

Investigators believe Peter Wald’s corpse was in the home for about six months. They say he suffered from diabetes and his left foot had become infected. He refused to go to the hospital and believed God would cure him.

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