Grumpy Cat makes $100 million

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MORRISTOWN, ARIZONA -- When you can't turn your frown upside down, may as well turn it into some cash, right?!

Just take it from Grumpy Cat.

The YouTube sensation turned movie star has made nearly $100 million in two years. That's more than Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie!

Thanks to a line of coffee called Grump-puccino, a TV movie, bestselling books and becoming the face of Friskies, Tardar Sauce (that's her real name) is bringing in the bacon.

Despite looks, this saucy kitty is totally having the last laugh and you might even say beating the odds. Apparently her permanent scowl is from dwarfism. But there's nothing small about this.  Word is Tarder's owner, Tabatha (of Arizona), quit her job as a waitress and hired the cat an agent.

Talk about a dream come true. Instead of scooping your cats business, you could run it!

That smells more like it.

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