Houston Zoo shows off baby Okapi

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HOUSTON, Texas - The Houston Zoo showed off their new baby Okapi for the very first time. His name is Miraq and he`s just over one month old.

The folks at the Houston Zoo think of Miraq as their miracle baby because the pregnancy test on his mama, Tulia came back negative. "And about a year later, we had a baby on the ground," explains Kim Siegl, the Zoo's Senior Zookeeper of Hoof stock.

And everyone loves cute, little baby animals. "Oh yeah, babies are a huge part. We always love when we have babies born, especially for the Okapi because they are so endangered and this is the first successful birth we`ve had here at the Houston Zoo so we`re super excited about Miraq,” says Siegl.

If you`ve never heard of an Okapi, you`re not alone. "Okapi are a really cool species. They are native to the Ituri Forest of the Congo in Africa. They are an endangered species now," Siegl tell us.

This horse-like creature looks like it could be related to a zebra but it's not. "They are the only living relatives of the giraffe. As such they have similar characteristics as the giraffe. They have nice long tongues like the giraffe do, a little bit of a longer neck, the same sort of a stride."

Miraq will nurse until he`s a year old and eventually, he`ll weigh between 550-800 lbs. Drink up little man, you`ve got a lot of growing to do.

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