NYPD chokehold protests shut down traffic

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BERKELEY, California - Traffic came to a stop on interstate-80 during another night of protests in Berkeley, California. Motorists going nowhere fast for about an hour and a half.

It`s all part of the so-called nationwide 'Week of Outrage' following grand jury decisions in Ferguson, MO, and New York City not to indict White police officers in the deaths of African-American suspects.

Cops in Berkeley ended up busting about 150 protesters, mostly for resisting arrest or obstructing an officer. Some of the protesters even obstructed an Amtrak train by lying on the tracks.

Protesters in Boulder, Colorado, also shut down a highway, this one in the middle of rush hour.

In Pennsylvania, college students marched through Lower Merion and then laid down in the middle of the street as part of their 'die-in'.

The protest in New York turned a bit nasty in front of Barclays Center during the Nets-Cavaliers game, giving Britain`s Prince William and his baby-mama Kate Middelton something to write home about.

Meanwhile, in Ferguson, Missouri, where this all began, officials have released more documents from the grand jury that chose not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

The new release includes the federal autopsy report and hundreds of pages of witness interviews.

But the documents do not include the FBI interview with Brown`s buddy Dorian Johnson who was with him when he was killed.

Just adding more questions without providing any answers.

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