Thieves posing as family target high-end lingerie store

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TIGARD, Oregon - A group of people in Oregon posing as a family went on a shopping spree at a lingerie store, except they got the five-finger special.

Carolyn Boyd runs a high-end lingerie shop in Tigard, Oregon. She says on a quiet Sunday evening, when only one employee was in the store, a group of people walked in. Surveillance cameras were rolling and show the group going through the store. Two of the people posed as the parents and started asking a lot of questions. While they distracted the worker, the others went through the store and stuffed items in their bag.

The group made off with night gowns, blankets and the store's most expensive item, a $1,600 robe. They still haven't been caught, but Boyd's just hoping that by sharing the video, she can help police catch these holiday grinches.

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