Annoying things passengers do on planes

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Flying isn't as pleasant as it used to be. Besides no frills flying and extra charges, there's the other annoyance of fellow passengers.

"When they lift up that armrest and they just ooze onto your space, that's no good. I don't like that," said traveler Nikki Stevens.

This year's Expedia Airplane Etiquette Study reveals what annoys passengers most. Topping the list was people who kick the back of the seat in front of them.
Kids with inattentive parents are next on the annoying list.

"Sometimes I have to reach around and grab their leg and say, could you please stop that?" according to traveler Billy Smith.

Body odor or strong perfume follow in third place.

In the fourth spot, "When people put their seat back, why do you got to recline, it`s ridiculous," said Matt Roberts.

Some other bothersome behavior most of us have encountered: "Everybody is bumping into you, ladies swing around and their purses hit you on the side of the head," said Smith.

Dave Maples said, "Carrying very large bags and trying to jam them into the overhead compartment."

"When they take forever to deplane and they don`t have their stuff together," added Stevens.

The message is clear: don`t put yourself on the annoying list.

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