Boater in Hawaii rescued after being lost at sea for almost two weeks

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HONOLULU, HI - As most of us were enjoying a nice Thanksgiving meal, a boater near Oahu was lost at sea for almost two weeks.

Ron Ingraham, 67, was last heard from when he made two mayday calls on Thanksgiving day, saying his 25-foot sailboat was in danger of sinking.

After a 12,000 square-mile search failed, the Coast Guard decided to call off the search on Dec. 1, but then another distress call came in a day later.

Scott Carr, a spokesperson with the Coast Guard, said, "With our equipment, we were able to use direction-finding equipment and the signal and trace it to where he was."

They found Ingraham about 80 miles from where he made the first distress call.

Carr added, "He got a shower, if you've spent any time at sea, it's really nice to just get the salt water off you, got some food, some water, he's doing okay."

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