Dallas covered in fog, Trinity toll road, and cost of caring for Bentley

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DALLAS, Texas - Heavy fog enveloped Dallas on Tuesday. Big D is so ugly even god wants to hide it from the rest of the world. Of course, the dense fog could also be blamed on emissions since the recent bike share inauguration was pretty much a bust. Any which way Dallas, we appreciate not having to look at you. If only for half a day.

Another Trinity toll road debate hits the Dallas area. It’s simple, there’s the Trinity River, so build a toll road along it or don’t, but give it rest. You’ve been talking about it since 1998 and that’s 15 years of wasted time we can never get back. Time to put up or shut up, so do something Dallas?

Finally, good news, Bentley the Ebola-free dog will live a long prosperous life thanks to the city of Dallas. But did you know, that is cost $27,000 caring for the canine. Sure Big D spent $155,000 responding to the emergency altogether and that’s reasonable, but 17% on a dog? Where’s the humanity in that? How much was spent on the human who actually died. That fog has to clear sometime, Dallas.

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