Holiday decorations can be deadly for your pets

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STAFFORD, TX - As festive and pretty as they are, holiday decorations can be deadly for cats and dogs.

“This can be a very stressful time of year for our pets," said Dr. Heather Puksta, a veterinarian at Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital. "Cats are very curious. Some people don’t even know that their cat gets electrocuted. We end up seeing them because they end up having problems eating and they have a burn across their tongue,”

There are plenty of pet dangers.

“Strands of tinsel, the tinsel that we hang around our tree, fake snow, things that shatter. Also the little hooks that are associated with that, cats can’t leave them alone. Anything that’s like 'ooh look a tree' they’re very curious,” said Puksta.

You may have heard that poinsettias are dangerous to pets when eaten.

“Absolute myth," explains Dr. Puksta. Poinsettias are not deadly at all. This is an old wives tale. The worst that it’s going to do is cause a little stomach upset just like if they went out and ate grass.”

So poinsettias are safe, but the water used to keep your tree fresh may not be if you add preservatives or aspirin.

“Aspirin can be deadly to dogs and cats and a lot of people are using aspirin as a preservative dissolved in the water for their Christmas tree," she said.

It’s also not a good idea to have any wrapped food (like chocolates) under the tree since pets can unwrap it and eat it.

Follow these tips and you and your pet can keep the “happy” in holidays.

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