Houstonians react to CIA torture report

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Now we know what the U.S. does to its prisoners of war. A report released Tuesday paints a ghastly picture of torture at the hands of the CIA.

The report includes practices such as: At least five detainees being subjected to rectal feedings, interrogations that lasted for months, one prisoner was kept in a "containment box" that looked like a coffin. He was repotedly told that would be the only way he'd leave the facility, in a coffin. At least one detainee died from hypothermia.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, Dianne Feinstein, said detainees were, "...Stripped naked, diapered, physically struck and put in various physical stress positions for long periods of time."

The report, also, says officers dragged hooded detainees down hallways kicking and punching them as they went.

One prisoner was waterboarded 183 times until he became quote, "Completely unresponsive with bubbles rising through his open, full mouth."

All this was allegedly happening without the Bush administration's knowledge.

Houston resident Kleon Howell had this to say about the report, "I served in the military for about 5-6 years in the Navy and I think ...some things are wrong and some things are right how they're treating them but it's the only way we can keep our country safe."

Houstonian John Duncan added, "Use any kind of means available to save our people, the hell with these terrorists."

Whether you think the CIA's torture tactics were right, wrong, or somewhere in between, the report did conclude that torture was not effective. If we're trying to convince the world that Americans are the good guys, this certainly doesn't help the cause.

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