Illinois makes it a felony for citizens to record police

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CHICAGO, Illinois -- Illinois has paved the way for it to be a felony to record the police on camera.

An amended bill was passed by the state's House and Senate. It's meant to discourage people from recording cops, by making it illegal to roll on conversations with them and other leaders—punishable by two to four years in prison.

The Illinois Policy Institute, an independent government watchdog group, says, "There`s only one apparent reason for imposing a higher penalty on people who record police in particular: to make people especially afraid to record police. that is not a legitimate purpose."

Under the bill, recording a private citizen is a lesser offense that is punishable by one to three years instead.



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  • DatabaseBen

    the Illinois legislatures must have ice cubes between the ears because such a law will not fly with the supreme court, “especially” if the citizen is on his/her property when they are recording.

    its also doubtful that the ol’argument that “freedom of the press” excludes regular folks from this constitutional right since everyone can create news articles on the internet.

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