Memorial at Kirkwood features the latest pothole causing damage

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HOUSTON, Texas - In Houston, Memorial Drive is considered the high rent district, but even it has its share of road problems. Today's "Pothole Of The Day" is located on Memrial and Kirkwood, on the West side. The sound it makes when driving over it is unpleasant.

"The sound of my pocketbook and a new tire being torn apart. Just a terrible thud, like the tire is going to fall off," described Georgia Charkalis.

This obstacle, may not seem like much in comparison to some other obstructions we've dealt with, but most drivers know well enough to inch around it.

"You take the same routes every day and they are always there, you just try to avoid them."

Sometimes it seems without hope.

"The city's growing so quickly, no sooner do they fill them, then they, new ones pop up."

Drivers keep repeating the same message. "Of course I'd like to see them filled," pleaded Charkalis.

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