New trend: tech-savvy teenagers shame their parents online to avoid discipline

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HOUSTON, Texas - An app for brats?  There's a new trend among kids who want to avoid discipline, and it's called "Parent Shaming."  The threat is very simple: you punish me, I'll post pictures or videos of you online.

Let's face it: there's a difference between healthy discipline and parental abuse.  Do you remember the video of the Corpus Christi judge whipping his daughter?  Social media can be a solution here.  But in more normal circumstances, is technology creating a generation of parents too afraid to tell their teenagers that they're grounded?

It looks like parenting has never been so difficult.  Now that kids are all armed with phones, it's not so clear who's in charge.

The old discipline of the shoe, the belt and the unreasonable "no" is nothing to be nostalgic about, but come on moms and dads, children need their parents more than they need their phones.  So, do what you have to do. and if you like this idea, then share it.

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