Selena’s killer staying in jail for now

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HOUSTON, Texas - Selena is a name and voice known all over the world, especially here in Texas.

It's  been nearly 20 years since "The Queen of Tejano Music" was shot and killed just days before her 24th birthday. Yolanda Saldivar, once the singer's trusted advisor and head of the Selena fan club, shot and killed the singer outside a Corpus Christi hotel.

Saldivar remains in prison in Gatesville, Texas.

On social media, rumors have Selena fans upset, despite the fact they're coming from a fake news site. They said that Selena's killer was to be released from jail.

While the reports of Saldivar's release have been greatly exaggerated, there is a nugget of truth in the tale. Saldivar is eligible for parole in 2025 and according to the San Antonio Express-News, she's trying her best to be released as soon as possible, claiming she didn't receive a fair trial.

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