Harvard professor threatens to sue Chinese restaurant over $4 overcharge

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BROOKLINE, Massachusetts - Ever been overcharged at a restaurant, or not given the right amount of change at a fast food restaurant?

For one particular diner, apparently, it's not the price of tea in China causing big trouble, but the price difference of Chinese food at Sichuan Garden restaurant near Boston.

Ben Edelman, a Harvard professor, has gone to extreme lengths to teach this restaurant a lesson.  He threatened to sue the restaurant for overcharging him on his take-out order.  Edelman compared his receipt to the online menu prices and says he was overcharged $4.  So why the price difference?  The restaurant's website was out of date.

When complaining to the restaurant, Edelman demanded they refund three times the amount he was overcharged.

So basically this professor is in a dispute over $12?

The restaurant offered to settle his "Mongolian beef" out of court.  However, since a case had been opened against them, they then decided to wait to get legal advice.

Seems like Edelman is "taking out" his frustration on the mom and pop business a bit too far.  Maybe someone should have put this professor's attitude on the to-go menu, because it needs to go.

Edelman has apologized publicly online, saying he was out of line.

On his website he says, "I aspire to act with great respect and humility in dealing with others, no matter what the situation.  Clearly I failed to do so.  I am sorry."

Oh yeah, he admitted the food was delicious, but for the restaurant owners, the whole incident probably left a bad taste in their mouths.

Talk about a case of sweet and sour.

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